Posted by: karen1313 | February 21, 2010

Well here we go I just received a e-mail from Amazon stating that they were putting 28.00 in my bank account whoo!! I may not be getting rich but I am making money, and from here I can only go up… I have went to the local thrift store and bought a bunch of books for .25 each and I put them up on amazon for sell so this is my first pay check from them :}  If you want to sell some books go to and set up a free account. remember to check the expedited shipping option you can make more money. Happy selling I will have some new stuff soon on blogging and article writing.

Posted by: karen1313 | February 19, 2010

Money I love that  well I just received the first of any money I made with fusion cash it was 28.00 that is gas for my car or a new pair of  jeans so I am happy. here is the link fo all that want to try it out.

Posted by: karen1313 | February 14, 2010

Just good information

Well today was productive  in a way I did get 3 new people in my group and that is using free advertising I am not in a position to pay for google ad words or things like that. I do follow a man he calles himself the Bummarketer and he is free and has great ideas. I also love the way he talks he is straight forward no  bull shit which most of the marketing out there is.(trust me I have tried it). I love getting good information. go to  and then  apply what you learn to this website

Posted by: karen1313 | February 13, 2010

Here It is the next biggest thing this one is great  not only is it a great cause but you can make money doing it for free…. 🙂  Keep reading:

In the US 797,500 children under 18 go missing in one year period.

Average of 2000 children reported missing each day.

That is an average of  1 child every 40 seconds in the US. Do you know where your children are???

Since it’s inception  in 1997 The Amber Alert warning system has recovered 495 precious children.

With twenty-three  recovered in the last six years.

Amber Alert need help! Join with us for FREE and help the children while making a substantial amount of money… You never have to upgrade to make money for life and help the children.

Check out this site and tell everyone you know.. Together we can save lives and make money.

Thank You Karen.

Posted by: karen1313 | February 12, 2010

Ok people well it happened the 62.30 dollars was put in to my papal account today!!!!!!   yahoo that is the most i have made so far, remember that is from the cash grab   filling out trials and free forms it all adds up!! nx pay out is on the 25 of feb. get in on it.  who couldn’t use that mad money.

The next thing i will tell you about is called DNA not what you think  but could be just as great. collect data licence plates 20 or more in the month and get paid also get others to do the same, and get paid for them too. Get all involved to help the amber alert become more effective, and find stolen vehicles .  check this out no fees, free to do 

this all starts on the 16th lets all et on board save out children.

thank you Karen

Posted by: karen1313 | February 12, 2010

Hi all well  update on how my different  ways to make money are going: I opened a dealer account on amazons sell books I have sold 3 books so far, while that is not making bank I have made an extra 10.30 on books that i bought for .25 and sold for aprox .o1 the money is made in shipping the item. always select a few shipping options and be sure to ship asap media mail it is the least expensive way to go.  good luck and have a wonderful day

Posted by: karen1313 | February 10, 2010

Hi all well I am trying out this guys business advice he is free which is very refreshing compared to all the others out there. If you are looking to market from clickbank he will tell you how and it is easy.Ii will keep you updated on how i’m doing. Go to  he is very easy to read and understand check it out what do you have to lose??

Posted by: karen1313 | February 9, 2010

Up date I have went to the thrift stores around and bought some books for aprox  .25 and then put them up on amazon  the sell my stuff site and I have news sold a book for 8 dollars works for me. most books can be listed at .01 and pick expedited shipping that is another way to make money and be the least expensive book on-line. also write  “we ship fast” something to make it different from the other sellers. I am not getting rich but a few ooks here and there thought out the month will add up to some Mad money!!

Posted by: karen1313 | February 9, 2010

Ok still learning  exactly how to blog hang in there with me this should get intresting.

Posted by: karen1313 | February 9, 2010

Some times I wonder what people think the moms of the world are doing with kids in school and one that has to be medicated at  1.00 pm. a that is driving to two different schools up to three times a day, that is a full  time  job haha well so that is why I have searched  the internet to find a job at home. Well let me tell you so many scams, I am just so sick of the big hype sales page and then the drop, and they have the nerve to charge you a monthly membership for virtually nothing you can youse without spending a  ton of money on ads or buying customers which is expensive to. so rest assured  when I find something  worth our time I will share with you all.:} check the last two posts for the cash I made on serveys and trials, see ya all soon remember if you are not learning your dead.  Karen

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